Design and development of the new Woodtech online store

Build the Shopify store for Woodtech’s online expansion
To promote their commercial machinery and supporting material, and offer online purchasing of parts.
UI/UX Design, Theme Development, API Integration
Woodtech Group

Brand Overview

Woodtech Group is Australia’s leading woodworking machinery provider since 1992 with robust after-sales support. They reached a point to diversify their product and channel mix by venturing into the DIY/hobbyist machinery market. Because of this, more existing and potential new customers needed an online store where they can browse the different product offerings and purchase online.

Before After

The Challenge

Woodtech’s website had to switch from a marketing website into an online store. To support this transition, the need for opimised navigation was of outmost importance to be able to accomodate the needs of the different user groups.

The goal was to provide more value to existing customers, capture new commercial customer leads, and introduce their new consumable products to the wider market.

The objectives were clear: design the new Woodtech website by combining the latest ecommerce trends while providing a utility-based, easy to navigate user experience for the non technical users.

Mobile Experience

We always think of how users will interact with the website on a mobile or tablet device. Having quick links and a customer care menu at the bottom makes it easy for the user to access the different collections and contact the store.

The Solution

The design

Our team aimed to design a conversion-focused website that utilized all the elements they provided from their brand guidelines. We came up with a sleek and clean design that focused on showcasing all the different types of machinery and products that they offer. Also, we took mobile responsiveness into consideration for a better user experience on any device.

The development

Our team delivered on time a fully functional and expandable custom theme by following YDM’s proven and tested development process. Our team adjusted every development aspect to achieve the desired website speed for maximum optimization. As a content heavy website, our goal was to make maintainability and expandability our priority when building the theme.

The integration

To achieve maximum automation and easy day-to-day processing of orders, we were requested to develop a custom API integration with simPRO, an Australian Job management software that the Woodtech team already use nationwide, as part of their service offerings. We have built a custom app that processes and pushes new orders through to simPRO while complying with their internal process and multi-company structure.

Important Links: woodtech.com.au

The Numbers




Average Order Value




Bounce Rate

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Nina Ross
Founder, Nina Ross

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