The task was to migrate their current eCommerce website to Shopify Plus and refresh the look and feel of their website to revamp their conversion rate.
To migrate everything from the current website without any downtime and also revamp the SEO and conversion strategy
Website Redesign, UI/UX Design, Visual Design
Swazi Shopify Migration

Brand Overview

Swazi is a technical gear brand in New Zealand. They’ve been selling online for a long time through another E-commerce platform. They decided to migrate to Shopify Plus so they can cater to their growing number of customers across the globe and offer wholesale to their stockists.

Before After

The Challenge

Swazi, a popular technical gear brand, had thousands of customers and orders that needed to be migrated safely to Shopify Plus and then properly cross-checked to match. Also, Swazi has a large range of products and SKUs that needed to be migrated and tagged so they can be filtered and users can shop seamlessly. 

The objectives were clear: re-design and migrate the old swazi website to be aligned with their brand and optimise the user experience. 

Mobile Experience

When designing Swazi, we always thought of users that will access the website from their mobile devices. Most of them are likely checking out Swazi’s different gears from their phones. We keep these activities in mind so our team architected a mobile-friendly design to make it easy for the user to access the website.

The Solution

The design

Our design team focused on using emotive images to display how the Swazi gears can stand in every environment. We improved the staff workwear page as it is a substantial part of their operations to drive more sales.  Our team also focused on mobile responsiveness for a better shopping experience on any device.

The development

Our development team built a robust fully configurable Shopify Plus theme by following YDM’s proven process. We also improved the user experience of their Pro Deal user experience by integrating our custom form solutions for increased revenue.

The migration

Our team has successfully migrated all the customer, order, and product data seamlessly without any downtime or losses and made it look like they never changed their E-commerce platform.

Important Links: swazi.co.nz

The Numbers




Average Order Value




Bounce Rate

We found Your Digital Media to be really on the ball. They helped us with our many, many requests going above and beyond what we had expected when first contracting them. The team is knowledgeable, so easy to deal with a joy to partner with.
Vicki Rowe
Head of Sales and Marketing, Swazi Apparel

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