Planet Protein

E-commerce migration and custom redesign for plant-based protein brand.

The task was to migrate to Shopify (from WooCommerce) and enhance the look and feel of Planet Protein’s new E-commerce website.
To improve and enhance the user experience and conversion rate
E-commerce, Website Redesign, Website Migration, Ongoing Support
Planet Protein

Brand Overview

Planet Protein is a plant-based protein shake brand that sells on Woocommerce. However, the current website does not generate enough revenue and hurting their resources. The founder decided to change his strategy and move to Shopify.

Before After

The Challenge

After experiencing a number of issues with their last website, Brenden, the founder of Planet Protein reached out to us for the migration to Shopify. The overall timeline of the project was set to 6 weeks which included the full design phase for the new theme, the development of the theme and the migration of all the data.


The objectives were clear: migrate the website without any downtime and redesign it to be aligned with the brand while focusing on the value proposition of the products to increase online sales. The end goal was to create a robust platform for the brand to scale in 2021 with the launch of their new product.

Mobile Experience

Most of Planet Protein customers are mobile users so we made the website fully-responsive to give all of its customers the best buying experience possible.

The Solution

The design

Our focus was to reuse most of the content and elements of their last website in order to meet the tight launch deadline. Our design team came up with a professional and well-branded result that focused on the unique features of Chocolate and Vanilla magic in order to enhance the value proposition. By focusing on the mobile user experience, we made sure it was extremely easy for the users to buy their favourite plant-based protein shake on the go.

The development

By following our proven development process, we delivered a fully-configurable custom theme within a 3-week period. Our focus was speed above everything else so every aspect of the development process was adjusted to achieve maximum optimisation of the website.

The migration

As their last website was based on WooCommerce, our goal was to migrate all the customer, order, product, loyalty and subscription data seamlessly without any downtime or losses. We managed to complete this within a week and finally put a stop on the ongoing customer complaints around missing orders and points that Planet Protein was experiencing at the time.

Important Links: planetprotein.com

The Numbers




Average Order Value




Bounce Rate

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