E-commerce migration and custom redesign for kitchenware brand

The task was to migrate to Shopify (from Magento) and enhance the look and feel of Mizzo’s new E-commerce website.
UX & UI improvement, Custom theme development, ERP integration, SEO migration
E-commerce, Website Redesign, Website Migration, Ongoing Support
Cofaro/Mizzo (owned by Dwarfs)

Brand Overview

Mizzo is a Dutch brand that specialises in top quality and affordable kitchen products sold in the Netherlands, UK, France, and Germany. They had been selling their products through Magento 2 at first. After they were acquired by Dwarfs and in order to enter the “groeth runway”, they decided to migrate to Shopify to have better control over the content and redesign the website to make it aligned with the brand, look more professional, and optimised for conversions, but most importantly, take advantage of the connectivity and ecosystem of Shopify.

Before After

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced was building a multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-domain storefront using a single Shopify store instance. We also had to migrate all the store content, including the translations, store and product reviews in all languages, 70+ products, 200k+ customers, and 350k+ orders without any downtime while maintaining the store SEO rankings.

The objectives were clear: seamlessly migrate and redesign the website to make it more professional while building everything in a way that’s easy to maintain and scale with minimum admin effort. The end goal was to create a robust online store while making the transition to Shopify smooth as possible.

Mobile Experience

Our team designed a fully mobile responsive website to give users an awesome shopping experience on any device.

The Solution

The design

Our team focused on a modern and sleek approach to make the website look more professional. We optimised the UX and UI based on the brand guidelines and used lifestyle images across the website to showcase the products help the users picture the products in action. We also utilised modern design elements to make the website more engaging. As part of our design process, we also focused on mobile responsiveness to give users a seamless shopping experience on any device.

The development

Our team developed a next-level custom theme with an advanced search and filter functionality, robust EU VAT ID detection feature, domain specific contant and language management system within the timeline – and, of course, it’s fully customisable!


The migration

As their last website was based on Magento 2, our goal was to migrate all the customers, orders, and products seamlessly without any downtime or losses. We managed to complete this within a week and maintained the current SEO Ranking.

Important Links: mizzo.com

The Numbers




Average Order Value




Bounce Rate

Your Digital Media helped us to migrate our old website on Magento to a new custom theme on Shopify. We are very happy with the new design and the team has been very helpful throughout the process. Alex (founder) and Hannah (project manager) helped us with any questions we had. Would recommend!
Amy Fransz
E-commerce Manager, Dwarfs.io

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